8 steps to success

This is what we in my organization call The Eight Commandments, because you need to live by these if you want to work with us – if you want to succeed in something.


It is astounding what impact having an overtly positive attitude and enthusiastic approach can have. Despite the huge amount of literature and evidence of the effect of having a Positive Mental Attitude (like living a longer and happier life to say the least!), it never ceases to amaze me how many people are overtly pessimistic.

“Opportunity is found only by those who are looking for it”

By having a great attitude you become acutely aware and constantly search for opportunities that come your way, which make you much more likely to act with purpose and derive a positive response.

Great attitudes radiate from the inside out and can be incredibly infectious. We all know people who walk into a room and instantly have a presence and receive a warm welcome before they’ve even uttered a word.  So why would we not want to make the concious choice to be that person?


After your positive attitude has finally won the battle over pessimism, it is still a little early to celebrate. How you maintain your attitude in the face of adversity is a crucial part of having a great attitude, and until then, the war is far from over.

One of the best techniques that I have learnt to accomplish this, is the ability to forget. Rather than dwelling and stagnating on the negatives, you can make the concious choice to forget about it and move on, take a fresh perspective and start to look on the brighter side of life.

Agreeably this may be an oversimplification, however often people’s attitudes are negatively effected by factors which are outside of their control. Personally, if you have no influence in the situation, then why worry. If the situation is independent of your actions, then it is irrelevant, so choose your response and ignore it and maintain a positive attitude.


Being on time may seem like a small point, but in reality, it carries much more weight than you may think.

Here is a simple test: Think of someone you know who is always punctual.
From the connotations of punctuality, you automatically think of them as being dependable, more organised and much more reliable. Whether as a manager, an employee or as a friend – these are all  attributes we would all like to be associated with.

Being on time also ensures you are always on the front foot. It enables you to be more productive and prevents keeping your counter party waiting, which is not only impolite but may lead to slight resentment on their part. Yet if the other party arrives late, from a psychological point of view, as they made you wait, they are more likely to be sympathetic and patient with you in return. So, in either case, being on time is clearly beneficial.

[Although the example is given for a physical meeting, in the digital age, this same principle applies to email and phone communication - so always remember to respond promptly to emails and messages.]


As the old proverb goes - “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. 

Although we may have the ability to ‘wing’ our way through many situations, whether it be a business presentation, interview, (or if you are a student) even just a seminar, if given the option, preparing in advance is always advisable. Early preparation not only gives you peace of mind and clarity of thought, but it enables you to maximise the benefit from any opportunity or interaction.

In the example of a business meeting, by doing your research and having a solid understanding of your client’s business and personal situation, you can carefully adapt and personalise your pitch to make a much bigger impact and help maneuver yourself into the pathway of greater opportunities.

Equipping yourself with the knowledge beforehand is like coming to a poker table with pocket aces – although it does not guarantee that you will win, you are much better informed on how to react. Failing to prepare on the other hand, is like betting blind – whether you win or lose it is entirely out of your control.

Do you really want to leave your future aspirations to chance?


Always put in 100% into everything you do.

We all know when we do something without giving it our all – it even feels tiresome as you do it. Refraining from giving it your all will count against you everywhere in life, but especially in sales. A half hearted smile will lose you the pitch before you have even opened your mouth, yet a beaming face and good eye contact can win you a long term relationship as well as the transaction you were after.

Whether it’s academia or work or even your personal life, you can only reap what you sow - So if you do not put in 100% effort, do not expect to get anything more out.


In Direct Marketing, your territory is the area that you will be pitching during the day, where understanding the demographics of your clients enables you to tailor your pitch and approach, which is crucial for a successful sale.

However this same concept is universally applicable. By understanding the dynamics of your place of work, education, or social scenario, you can better ‘tweak’ your actions, behaviours and approaches to be most appropriate for the given situation.

Although we all may know we need to adapt our persona to different environments, we need to consider how often we strategically make this change to maximise the opportunity, by taking the best action.

An additional benefit of understanding and working your territory correctly, is the prevention of social ‘faux pas’ and reputational damage.  We have all witnessed the uncontrollable drunk at the all important first work social, so let’s make sure we do not make the same mistake.


Despite being a startlingly simple and obvious statement – it is one of the most crucial, yet most commonly neglected steps.

Having a clear understanding of your goals and expectations in any given situation enable you to act with purpose, with an appreciation for what you need to achieve to become fully satisfied for any given task.

Without clarity of what you value and want to achieve, you may find your path diverts away from what is truly important to you. The ‘side-effects’ of not doing this, is an incongruency is what you hope to achieve in the long term, and the path you are setting yourself on in the short term.

This harmonic imbalance of short term actions with long term goals is prevalent in careers and is why I personally believe it is vital to make the right choices when you start your career. 

Knowing why you are there and understanding how it plays its part in your greater goal is also another mechanism to help protect your attitude. It enables you to justify and rationalise any obstacles you need to overcome and helps you to maintain motivation to continue onwards towards your goal.

“If your goal is bigger than any obstacles you come up against – you can never lose sight of your objective.”


Taking control is the final step and focusses on concious decisions and actions so you are an actor in determining your own success.  Some may consider ‘seeing what happens’ puts you on a level footing with everyone else, but in reality, failing to take a proactive stance means you are leaving your fate to chance.

”Act or be acted upon”

Taking a passive approach to your life and career is relative to being a buoy in the ocean. You are constantly being buffeted around by external factors such as the wind and the tide, with an uncertainty and lack of control over where you will end up.

Taking control requires you to have a goal or destiny in mind (Step 7), but allows you to take positive actions to drive your own success and create the waves of change needed to reach your final destination.

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7 steps to conquer the economic recession

Despite the tough times in relation to the economy, there are still plenty of opportunities for businesses. If a company can learn to be more powerful and at the same time optimize its sales in this environment, it can dominate any economy. Whether you are a huge million company or a small enterprise, there are strategies and principles you should understand and follow to succeed. The following 7 elements are made to create a system that improves your business by strengthening the skills and competencies you will need in any environment.

1. Business mapping
It is very important to any company to have a business plan, a set of business goals. In todays changing market this is however not enough – it is also very important to have a business map that can give you an overview and take you where you want to be in the shortest amount of time.

2. Innovation
In todays market it is very important constantly to be up front in terms of innovation. To become a leader within your field, you must always look for news ways of creating something better than what already exist.

3. Marketing
With the correct marketing you can sell anything. It is very important for a business to know its customers needs and wants when communicating the value of the products or service. Therefor – know your customers and tell a business story in a way that forces potential consumers to buy.

4. Great sales messages
Marketing and publicity make people want to do business with you. Sales are, however an essential part of the business as it is what you get paid for. It is therefor important to create several channels to capture, convert and close sales.

5. Financial measurements
It is easy to loose sight of the key measurements that can predict our developments or decease in the company. It is important to know where your company is spending its money and therefore to measure its current position, where it’s going and being able to see the blind spots that could be challenging.

6. Optimization
Sometimes it is not necessary with new developments and innovations in the company. It can be enough to work with the existing processes and execute these more efficiently. A small gradual optimization in an existing area of the company can result in a significant growth of the company as a whole.

7. Please your customers
It is important to constantly understand and meet your customers’ needs. The more you please your customers and the more value you add to them, the more power your business will have on the market.

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Outsource to India

I’ve tried hirering developers from many places in my time – I have even had my own development team in both India and Siberia. Never with any success… Untill now!

Maybe I wasn’t the right leader back then but I’ve also experienced that development teams in India depends on a lot of factors. And their culture is a pretty important factor! Which part of India do they live in? Are they still close to their family members? Are they hindu?

All of these factors have proved to have an impact on how they work… And I’m very proud to say: we have found the best developers out there! So good actually, that we hire developers for companies so they can get a full time developer for 1/3 of the price back home.

So are you looking for a proper financial solution to get your own developer or development team, them please don’t hesitate to contact me at m@dotmarcel.com. I’m sure you can get going with your projects.

PS. This post deserves a special thanks to the COO, Sella who is responsible for recruiting the right employees and who is also still in charge of development. Thanks, buddy!

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Always SEO

Always SEOFirst of all: SORRY!!! It’s been a while since I posted here – I’ve just been really busy with the companies…

Let me tell you a little about what’s happening. On paper, I’m still CEO of all the projects – but my partner, Martin Dean is taking over a lot of the tasks in daily operations. He’s sort of the COO of all projects. My function is more CIO-ish – I take care of tech thoughts and development along with our development team in India and of course my field of expertise: SEO. Honest to God and in all modesty: I am REALLY good at SEO.

I always find time to do consultancy for clients because I have the man power to do it and because it will ALWAYS be a major interest of mine. Not just because it’s an “old” interest which I just didn’t let go – but because it always works! Internal or external projects… It ALWAYS works!

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Business Intelligence is just more intelligent

Jesper Buch (founder of JustEat) says it to…!

Know all processes of your organization. Know the value of every visitor. Understand every little part of your business and you’ll know how to optimize it. Not knowing these things – not having them somewhere in your organization is just plain stupid! ;)

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Brokerprint finalist for People’s Choice Award

I’m so happy right now! Brokerprint has just made it through to the final at People Choice Award hosted by Nordic Startup Awards.

I’d be happy to meet you and network if you join the award show the 9th of november in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Best service – best quality – best price

Caught your attention, did I? :) Because that is what we want, right? We want all the best and we donut want to pay that much for it…

That is why service like Yelp.com, Google Places, PriceRunner, Amazon Trustpilot, etc. are so popular. They let you know what other people think of a service or compare offers and prices.

Well, in all modesty – we’ve created a service within one of the most incalculable industries that let you compare offers on your exact print order from all the best printing companies. These printing companies are carefully selected from our quality team at Brokerprint Group.

This is not just a great idea – this is the future and the way more and more industries are operating.

An exciting time for us at Brokerprint :)

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Inventing a job is better than finding one

Inventing a job is better than finding a job

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Take control and gain more energy

In case you didn’t know, your mind is one powerful habit machine! We do thing in a certain way (brush our teethes, put on our shoes, walk in a special way, etc.) even though there’s no specific reason to do it in exactly that way.

That’s because our brain build to do the same thing over and over again – in fact this is to ensure we won’t have to learn things from scratch every time we want to do something.

That IS pretty smart, right? But many of use it in a totally wrong way: we stay in auto pilot (illustrated pretty good in the movie: Click) and don’t really take part of our own lives… And that’s no good!

Just start by changing some pretty standard habits and feel it on your body. Start brushing your teethes in the other side of your mouth. Eat your breakfast before shower. Anything! It’ll feel different (because it is), but it’s really not a big change in your life.

So, if a small change in your life will have you more aware of your life in the moment – imagine what bigger changes could do…!

You eat unhealthy. Not that you don’t know that, but you don’t realize it before you’ve done the bag of salty chips.
You don’t eat enough during the day (actually you need to eat 6 times a day). Not that you don’t like to eat – you’re just busy with your work and don’t think about it before it’s too late and you’re very hungry and eat a lot and unhealthy.

Write down a lot of things you want to change (and maybe the reasons why you want to change it) and just start changing it! If the habit starts automatically when you’re entering the kitchen, put notes to your self on the fridge and so. You need to be reminded everyday for a long period of time. Brain research tells us it takes 21-29 days to change a habit.

So take action of your life and change it to the better – and start living it! It’s just a matter of breaking your habits – sound easy, right? ;)

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The unknown is scary

Brokerprint stands before an evolution greater than I could have hoped for – but it’s scary. I have never done something like this before and all the sudden we have a very detailed and organized plan of expanding when, where and how – and suddenly my little Internet start-up is about to get world wide and interesting for a lot of VC’s.

It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s overwhelming, it’s everything!!! But the fact that it’s scary doesn’t hold me back – I want this more than anything else and I’m doing this whatever it takes!!

Whatever it takes tattoo on my chest

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