Outsource to India

I’ve tried hirering developers from many places in my time – I have even had my own development team in both India and Siberia. Never with any success… Untill now!

Maybe I wasn’t the right leader back then but I’ve also experienced that development teams in India depends on a lot of factors. And their culture is a pretty important factor! Which part of India do they live in? Are they still close to their family members? Are they hindu?

All of these factors have proved to have an impact on how they work… And I’m very proud to say: we have found the best developers out there! So good actually, that we hire developers for companies so they can get a full time developer for 1/3 or 1/4 of the price back home.

So are you looking for a proper financial solution to get your own developer or development team via IT outsourcing, them please don’t hesitate to contact me at m@dotmarcel.com. I’m sure you can get going with your projects.

PS. This post deserves a special thanks to the COO, Sella who is responsible for recruiting the right employees and who is also still in charge of development.

Thanks, buddy!

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Always SEO

Always SEOFirst of all: SORRY!!! It’s been a while since I posted here – I’ve just been really busy with the companies…

Let me tell you a little about what’s happening. On paper, I’m still CEO of all the projects – but my partner, Martin Dean is taking over a lot of the tasks in daily operations. He’s sort of the COO of all projects. My function is more CIO-ish – I take care of tech thoughts and development along with our development team in India and of course my field of expertise: SEO. Honest to God and in all modesty: I am REALLY good at SEO.

I always find time to do consultancy for clients because I have the man power to do it and because it will ALWAYS be a major interest of mine. Not just because it’s an “old” interest which I just didn’t let go – but because it always works! Internal or external projects… It ALWAYS works!

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Business Intelligence is just more intelligent

Jesper Buch (founder of JustEat) says it to…!

Know all processes of your organization. Know the value of every visitor. Understand every little part of your business and you’ll know how to optimize it. Not knowing these things – not having them somewhere in your organization is just plain stupid! 😉

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Best service – best quality – best price

Caught your attention, did I? 🙂 Because that is what we want, right? We want all the best and we donut want to pay that much for it…

That is why service like Yelp.com, Google Places (Google My Business today), PriceRunner, Amazon Trustpilot, etc. are so popular. They let you know what other people think of a service or compare offers and prices.

Well, in all modesty – we’ve created a service within one of the most incalculable industries that let you compare offers on your exact print order from all the best printing companies. These printing companies are carefully selected from our quality team at Brokerprint Group.

This is not just a great idea – this is the future and the way more and more industries are operating.

An exciting time for us at Brokerprint 🙂

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