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Love the weekends

This is my first blogpost as a father 🙂 My newborn daughter (Zoé) is 50 hours old and she’s unbelievable good at keeping us awake – so I’m writing this while she’s a sleep, even though I should be sleeping to hehe

I’ve been away from the team back at Brokerprint HQ since Wednesday – and my entrepreneur heart is having a hard time accepting this short break. But at the same time, it’s pretty damn (pardon my french) wonderful to see, that the team at Brokerprint is movie’ even though I’m not there! I LOVE working in the weekends because it gives me a feeling that everything is under control during the working days, and therefor I can experiment and be creative in the weekend – not worrying about ANYTHING 🙂

That’s the feeling I’ve had the last couple of days… The guys have given me the feeling that every day is like a weekend – you know… An ENTREPRENEUR weekend. Being creative and innovative all the time!!

LOVE you guys!

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